Learn Club Swinging From Home

Foundations Program

Develop postural strength and interconnection through club swinging. This unique program will teach you the what, how and why of the art. 

Club Swinging is a wonderful practice for developing health and wellbeing. It is physically challenging and highly enjoyable. It is profoundly tonic to all systems of the body. It teaches one coordination and rhythm while developing strength and flexibility. 

What to Expect

This course will focus on how to use Club Swinging as a tool for embodied practice. We will cover classic swinging patterns, as well as learn to develop Postural Strength, Interconnection and Harmony in Movement.

  • You will be coached on how to use your body in relation to the clubs to get the most out of your workouts.

  • You will learn methods of postural exercise and mental development that lead to smooth and coordinated self expression.

  • You will be taught a variety of training methods as well principles and practices to express those principles in action.

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Transformational Practice!

Sean Conley, 5th Dan US Aikido Federation, Chief Instructor of the Martha's Vineyard Aikido Club

This a great place to start training in the unique and transformational art of Indian Clubs. The program begins with the basics and covers all the important movements and continues into advanced whole body movements. With his advanced martial art skills, Derek is able to tie it all together into an integrated mind-body art, so that students are connecting their movements with their center. The morning after my first hour-long class, I expected to have very sore shoulders but my arms and shoulders felt terrific. I only felt it in my Achilles heel area, dramatically demonstrating that when properly taught by an expert, Indian Clubs are a whole body exercise. Martial artists will not only develop a deeper, more flexible strength but it will benefit their weapons training as well. Clubs were and are a martial training. But I recommend this program for everyone, Derek has put together a unique program that can benefit anyone.


Resources to help you go deeper

  • Bonus class

    A recorded live class to get you moving and into the groove of practice.

  • Posture & Method

    A unique coaching method for developing whole body awareness, coordination and balance.

  • Body Changing Practices

    Go beyond choreography and use the clubs as a tool to release your back and connect your core.

Flexibility options

Buy the course outright or pay in installments.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Indian Clubs

    • Welcome to the Course

    • History and Benefits of Club Swinging

  • 2

    Posture & Method

  • 3

    Body Changing Practices

    • Joint Warmup

    • First Body Change - Legs

    • Second Body Change - Hips

    • Third Body Change - Lower Back

  • 4

    Single Club Practice

  • 5

    Mapping Out the Coordinates

    • 6 Basic Positions

    • Permutations

  • 6

    Basic Swinging Patterns

    • First Circle

    • Second Circle

    • Two-hand variations

    • Closing out 1st and 2nd Circles

  • 7

    Compound Swinging Patterns

  • 8

    Whole Body Exercises

    • Sagittal Plane

    • Lunges

    • Squats

    • Pendulum & Step

  • 9

    Bonus Class

    • Bonus Class

Swing your way to health & strength!

Work out your whole body with this ancient form of moving meditation today.

Great Foundation!

Jay Moran Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist

Foundations of Club Swinging was created with a deep understanding of both movement and the human body. The course provides a foundation in which one can improve health, postural strength, in mental capacity. The course not only builds a foundation it also introduces training methods and principles to organise the body improve human function. The material is presented in a clear, concise fashion with emphasis on posture in connection to the clubs. Foundations of Club Swinging is a comprehensive course full of information not only on swinging patterns but history in theory as well. This course will benefit both beginner and advanced club swingers and I highly recommend it.

Your Instructor

Derek Notman

Derek Notman is a Movement Educator and Martial Artist with over 30 years of experience. He has been swinging Indian clubs for over a decade and it has proven to be one of the most effective and enjoyable forms of training. This ancient art develops strength, balance and flexibility in a dynamic and meditative practice that is beneficial for beginner and advanced movers alike.


  • Do I need any previous club swinging experience?

    No. This course will take you through a progressive program designed to open the body and provide the foundation for proper development.

  • If I already practice club swinging, will this confuse my practice?

    No. These exercises will empower and improve your existing practice. The focus is on integration, alignment and coordination. All hallmarks of proper development.

  • Will this aggravate my existing neck & shoulder tension?

    No. The curriculum is presented as a slow progression, allowing you to go at your own pace. As you open your joints and strengthen your ligaments, your tension will dissipate and be replaced with strength and flexibility.