Island Physical Culture is a unique distillation of ancient movement and healing traditions and their practical application to modern life.

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Derek Notman

For over three decades, I have dedicated my life to the study of physical culture and philosophy. This pursuit has led me all over the world including time living in China and South East Asia, studying with traditional masters of martial, movement and healing arts. I have always sought to extract the essence of the traditions while connecting the common elements. Despite the uniqueness of each art and human form, there is a commonality to being in a body and so themes emerge. I have made it my life's work, to investigate and understand these themes and share them with others in a paradigm of traditional wisdom through embodied practice. The beauty of a good practice is the continuity it provides despite the constancy of life's changes, rendering stable ground from which to observe the change. I have a strong passion for helping people discover their fullest potential to live healthier and happier lives, and I believe that movement and bodywork play a vital role in our ability to do so.

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